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Our Products

All types of wooden pallets

We repair and manufacture all types of wooden pallets. Click here for details of our Heat-treated Pallets.

Contact us if you would like a quote for any of our services, or to discuss your requirements. Call 01371 850035 or email sales@jbjpallets.co.uk

Most common types of pallet

1000x1200 reconditioned wooden pallet

1000x1200 reconditioned wooden pallet

Wooden Pallet Top

Wooden Pallet Top

1000x1200 reconditioned wooden pallet

Perimeter base 1000x1200 wooden pallet

1000x1200 Winged Wooden Pallet

1000x1200 winged wooden pallet

Stamped Euro Pallet 1200x800

Stamped Euro pallet 1200x800

Lightweight Euro Pallet 1200x1000

lightweight euro pallet 1200x1000